• CAE’s Professional Services group - Canada

  • CAE’s professional services group has built a reputation for delivering strategic guidance and technical expertise to solve the client's most complex problems. We work closely with our clients to define their problem space. Through an integrated team approach, we apply simulation-based tools and system-of-systems thinking to address the impacts of new systems, procedures, and policy on people, processes, and technology. Our team can support the entire lifecycle of a program - from concept definition and exploration to systems design, acquisition, and operations.

  • 1135 Innovation Drive
    Ottawa, Ontario
    Canada K2K 3G7

    Telephone: +1-613-247-0342
    Fax: +1-613-271-0963
    E-Mail: caeps@cae.com

    36 Solutions Drive, Suite 200
    Halifax, Nova Scotia 
    Canada B3S 1N2

    Telephone: +1-902-420-3070
    Fax: +1-902-420-3089
    E-Mail: caeps@cae.com


  • CAE’s Integrated Enterprise Solutions group - Canada

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