• As a lead training systems and equipment integrator to the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD), CAE (UK) plc is currently ranked as a key supplier. CAE (UK) provides a range of synthetic training equipment and services and is a leader in the development and application of simulation and modelling technologies for land forces. CAE (UK) is committed to supporting the UK Armed Forces through the provision of synthetic training solutions designed to offer significant through-life cost savings. CAE’s technology and training delivery capabilities are valuable UK-based assets. CAE (UK) is also recognized throughout the UK as a significant teaming partner.

    The Royal Air Force (RAF) and Royal Navy (RN) entrust CAE (UK) with the training of their aircrew in disciplines ranging from basic flying skills to the most advanced mission rehearsal.

    Land training systems

    CAE (UK) is the company's centre of excellence in land training systems and has over 400 land simulators for training in artillery fire control, direct fire gunnery, air defence engagement, situational awareness and target recognition.  CAE is qualified to handle all land-based modelling, simulation, training and mission rehearsal needs from stand-alone applications to the networking of advanced weapons simulators. CAE (UK) has earned its reputation as a leader in weapons, vehicle and communications simulation.

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