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    CAE Emergency Management
    CAE Fighter Trainer
    CAE's Roll-On/Roll-Off (RO/RO) Cockpit Solution
    CAE — C-130 Global Simulation and Training Leader
    CAE Terra Mining Simulators
    CAE 3000 Series Helicopter Mission Simulators
    CAE Brunei MPTC
    CAE Helicopter Flight Training Systems
    MH-60 Seahawk Training Systems
    CAE Dynamic Synthetic Environment
    CAE Medallion 6000 Visual System
    CAE Land Training Solutions
    CAE Tanker Transport
    Maintenance training for ground combat systems


    Nathalie Bourque
    Vice President, Public Affairs and Global Communications
    +1 514 734 5788
    Pascale Alpha
    Director, Global Communications
    +1 514 340 5475

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