• Engineering Career Development program

  • CAE’s Engineering Career Path Program lets you become exposed to different tracks throughout your engineering career at CAE:

    • Tracks include: technical, managerial, sales, product management you choose the career track that interests you most
    • Selection is based on your skills, interests, and goals
    • Progress in career development is supported by senior management
    • The result is a rewarding career of your making!

    The four progression “tracks” are:


    Sample jobs:

    • System Specialist
    • Deployment Specialist
    • Integration Specialist
    • Test Engineer
    • Mechanical System Designer
    • Software Developer
    • System Software Specialist


    “In the Managerial career track, you help employees grow and develop their skills, something I find very motivating. We find solutions to problems as a team.

    You have to be proactive and take responsibility for your own advancement. I built my own path by identifying a need in the company for our expanding department and worked to create a role that encompassed my duties/assignments.”

    Jennifer Duff
    Group Leader, Proposals. Tampa, U.S.A.


    Sample jobs:

    • Field Application Engineer
    • Capture Manager
    • Bid Manager
    • Sales Manager
    • Proposal Engineer

    Product/Project Management

    “This career path is not only about engineering, but about many other fields of expertise including logistics, training, financial, and risk management. It is for those who are good generalists rather than narrow specialists.”

    David Bancroft
    Product Manager