• Air Traffic Control Training Systems

  • CAE provides air traffic control (ATC) simulation devices to support the training of procedures for air traffic controllers, assistants, radar operators and radio phraseology.

    CAE has been the chosen simulation systems provider for all UK Military Air Traffic Control training of Royal Air Force and Royal Navy tower air traffic controllers and controller assistants since 1992. CAE has provided and is supporting several training devices to the UK military ATC School at RAF Shawbury and has been commended on several occasions for providing effective and reliable simulators.

    All necessary training equipment for training student air traffic controllers and air traffic controller assistants in the procedures and operation of equipment found in most air traffic control towers is provided. This equipment includes lighting panels, radars, traffic light and barrier control panels, digital clock, flight data processing and monitoring systems, aerodrome and weather information system and multiple radio and telephone communication systems. Pseudo pilot role playing positions with full monitoring and communications facilities are also provided along with a supervisor position for controlling the simulator.

    A full, high-resolution 3D visualization of the simulated environment as viewed from the tower is presented to the trainees, enabling procedures to be trained in a realistic manner. Surround sound provides audio cues to improve realism. A very low latency, high-fidelity communications suite provides full functionality for training radio and telephone procedures, including independent audio routing to either side of the operators’ stereo headset and desk mounted loudspeakers. Additional instructor functionality is provided for discretely monitoring and/or interjecting audio to one or more student positions as well as providing communication between instructors, role-players and the exercise supervisor.