• CAE Simfinity™ Virtual Maintenance Trainer

  • CAE SimfinityTM Virtual Maintenance Trainer

  • CAE’s Virtual Maintenance Trainer (VMT) integrates theory with practical skills, and delivers a high-fidelity immersive simulation of aircraft systems.  A laptop / desktop training system, CAE’s VMT provides a learning environment for aircraft maintenance technicians to gain practical experience of aircraft systems and maintenance tasks. Maintenance technicians can train on their own or in the classroom by performing normal and abnormal maintenance procedures.  The CAE VMT combines line-replaceable unit (LRU) and component location modules to provide a "virtual aircraft" for systems familiarization, maintenance procedural training, and troubleshooting.   Web-access to the simulation software allows training anytime and anywhere for review, refresher, and recurrent training.

    In recent years, CAE has designed and delivered Simfinity-based courseware and virtual maintenance trainers (VMT) for the Australian Army’s Black Hawk maintenance personnel; an A400M cockpit maintenance operation simulator (CMOS) to support maintenance technician training for the A400M airlifter; and CAE was contracted by Lockheed Martin to deliver a comprehensive CC-130J aircraft maintenance technician training solution for the Royal Canadian Air Force. 

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