• Integrated information environment

  • Integrated Information Environment

  • CAE’s scalable integrated information environment (IIE) solutions are designed to ensure equipment are mission ready and can rapidly be deployed to any diverse theatre of operations.  Lifecycle managers and contractors need to know the performance of their programs and systems as they need to understand where performance issues may arise and how they can be addressed at a minimal cost. CAE’s IIE provides the required edge for any operational situation and is vital to generating savings related to optimization of maintenance.

    The IIE provides a complete collaborative environment (CE) key to an efficient operation based on real-time exchange of program management information. CAE’s IIE also addresses the required electronic data exchange (EDE). The IIE solution can be integrated to existing customer and contractor corporate systems and provides real-time information sharing for all stakeholders over the entire lifecycle of a product or program.  Our solutions give decision-makers the needed flexibility to adapt their operation and maintenance processes to the ever-changing requirements imposed by real life disaster events or accidents.