• Pilot Training Systems

  • As defence and security forces around the world prepare to extend their use of simulation-based training to prepare their aircrews for the highest levels of mission readiness; CAE remains uniquely focused in offering the most current and extensive integrated range of simulation solutions that are designed to enhance safety, efficiency and readiness.    

    At CAE, our global presence and continued focus on innovation and technology leadership all converge in our development of world-class flight simulation products in support of our customers evolving needs.  CAE's comprehensive portfolio of simulation products includes full-mission simulators, flight training devices and cockpit procedures trainers, part-task trainers, reconfigurable flight trainers, rear crew trainers, integrated procedures trainers, laptop and desktop trainers, maintenance training systems and aeromedical trainers. 

  • Full-Flight/Full-Mission Trainers

    CAE designs and manufactures some of the most complex full-mission simulators in the world. A full-mission simulator (FMS) accurately simulates the aircraft and the mission environment it will operate in. The simulator will ...

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  • UAS Mission Trainer

    The CAE UAS Mission Trainer combines an open architecture with commercial-off-the-shelf hardware and simulation software that minimizes the use of proprietary designs to provide a comprehensive, platform-agnostic ... 

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  • Fixed-Based Trainers

    CAE offers a range of fixed-based trainers, including flight training devices, integrated procedures trainers, deployable trainers, and more.  CAE’s fixed-based training solutions offer defence and security customers a cost-effective ...

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  • Classroom/E-Learning Trainers

    CAE’s Virtual Simulator (VSIM) allows pilots to gain practical experience on all aircraft systems prior to training on high-end training devices such as a full-mission simulator (FMS).