• Fixed-based trainers

  • CAE offers a range of fixed-based trainers, including flight training devices, integrated procedures trainers, deployable trainers, and more.  CAE’s fixed-based training solutions offer defence and security customers a cost-effective solution for training aircrews at varying levels of complexity.  Employing the same high-fidelity simulation software as used on CAE’s full-mission simulators, CAE’s fixed-based training devices allow aircrews to maintain their proficiency and qualification standards on certain tasks without having to fly the full-mission simulator or a real aircraft.

  • CAE SimfinityTM Integrated Procedures Trainer (IPT)

    The CAE Simfinity integrated procedures trainer (IPT) provides aircrews with realistic procedural training in a three-dimensional (3D) environment. It uses the same simulation software as the CAE Simfinity two-dimensional (2D) laptop and desktop training devices...

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  • Deployable Trainers

    CAE’s deployable trainers are a unique, cost-effective solution comprised of a fixed-based flight training device (FTD) that can be deployed to locations where training and mission rehearsal are needed...

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  • Flight Training Device/Cockpit Procedures Trainer

    A flight training device (FTD) or cockpit procedures trainer (CPT) are both fixed-based training devices that are ideal for procedural and familiarization training tasks. A FTD/CPT can be used to offload some of the training tasks from the full-mission simulator (FMS), thereby lowering costs...

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