• UAS Mission Trainer

  • The CAE UAS Mission Trainer combines an open architecture with commercial-off-the-shelf hardware and simulation software that minimizes the use of proprietary designs to provide a comprehensive, platform-agnostic training system. Customers benefit from greater flexibility, networking, and distributed mission training within an integrated training environment.  CAE’s UAS mission trainer is a solution that can help optimize operational readiness while minimizing the use of live assets to train and prepare the integrated mission team for operations. The comprehensive solution also prepares the integrated mission team (pilot, payload specialist, and commanding officer) in platform operating procedures, data interpretation and analysis, and team interaction.

    The CAE UAS Mission Trainer is available as an integrated product that includes:

    • Ground control station (GCS) that is STANAG 4586-compliant allowing operators to switch between real and synthetic environments; 
    • High-fidelity simulation software for sensors such as electro-optical (EO), infrared (IR), synthetic aperture radar (SAR), and others; 
    • Simulated communication systems; 
    • Simulation software for generating training scenarios; 
    • CAE Medallion-6000 image generator; 
    • Tactical synthetic environment and computer-generated forces representing maritime, ground and air assets; 
    • Instructor operator station (IOS) and mission brief/de-brief station; 
    • Correlated weather simulation. 

    CAE has also applied its expertise to developing type-specific UAS mission trainers that can be customized to represent a specific UAS aircraft platform. All configurations feature the following:

    • Aircraft-specific operational scenarios;
    • High-fidelity simulation of flight characteristics;
    • High-fidelity simulation of sensor systems;
    • Mission training and rehearsal capabilities.

    CAE’s best known  product offering as a type-specific UAS mission trainer is the CAE Predator Mission Trainer (PMT), which is an integrated platform that combines the features of our proven UAS mission trainer with General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc.’s (GA-ASI) Predator-specific systems and models. The Predator Mission Trainer leverages CAE’s expertise in training and simulation with GA-ASI’s expertise on the Predator family of remotely piloted aircraft and ground control stations to offer the most realistic Predator training experience possible.

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