• Deployable Trainers

  • Deployable Trainers

  • CAE’s deployable trainers are a unique, cost-effective solution comprised of a fixed-based flight training device (FTD) that can be deployed to locations where training and mission rehearsal are needed.

    CAE’s deployable tactical flight training device (DTFTD) consists of a cockpit docked with a visual display system installed within a series of three standard ISO transportable containers.  Both rugged and waterproof, the training device can be shipped by air, ground or sea and can be set-up within a day and ready-for-training and mission rehearsal in several days.

    CAE’s DTFTD includes all the features found in fixed-based FTDs, including CAE’s leading-edge simulation software, visual databases and synthetic environments.  With networking capabilities, CAE’s DTFTD is suitable for all kinds of training including procedural/familiarization, continuation, in-theatre operational training and mission rehearsal.

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