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  • Today, defence forces around the world are using specialized, highly complex helicopters for an array of missions, including attack, tactical support, troop transport, search and rescue, reconnaissance, anti-submarine warfare and more.

    Simulating rotary wing aircraft and designing a training program to meet training objectives is a major challenge. Helicopters maintain some unique characteristics in areas such as aerodynamics and vibration that make high-fidelity simulation a difficult task. The varied operational uses of the helicopter combined with specialized technical challenges place unique demands on helicopter training and simulation.

    CAE is uniquely qualified to handle all the helicopter simulation, training and mission rehearsal needs for today’s defence forces. From entry-level training devices to the networking of advanced multi-mission helicopter simulators operating in an interactive threat environment, CAE has earned a reputation as the leader in helicopter training and simulation. CAE offers an unequaled breadth of experience, expertise, and technology leadership in helicopter simulation, training and mission rehearsal. In fact, no other company has designed training systems for a greater variety of rotary wing platforms, such as the NH90, CH-47, MH-60S/R, AW101, AW139/169/189, UH-60/S-70i and many others.


    CAE-built roll-on/roll-off (RORO) Level D full-flight simulators

    CAE pioneered the development of a full-mission helicopter simulator with a revolutionary roll-on/roll-off cockpit design, which enables cockpits representing various helicopter types to be used in a “mothership”. The mothership simulator platform will include a common motion system (six degree-of-freedom), vibration platform, and visual display system. Different helicopter cockpits can then be “rolled on and rolled off” the mothership to provide ultimate flexibility and cost-effectiveness. When a cockpit is not being used in the full-mission simulator, CAE has also developed a docking station so the cockpit can serve as a fixed-based flight training device.

    CAE’s revolutionary roll-on/roll-off cockpit designs are currently in use in several training centres throughout the world including at the Rotorsim training centre in Sesto Calende, Italy to train AW109 and AW139 helicopter operators; in Buckeburg, Germany at the German Army Aviation School to train CH-53, EC135 and UH-1D helicopter operators; and at the Helicopter Academy to Train by Simulation of Flying (HATSOFF) in Bengaluru, India for training helicopter operators of the Bell 412, Airbus Helicopters Dauphin, and HAL-built Dhruv helicopters. 



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