• Maritime Patrol

  • Maritime Patrol

  • Defence forces around the world are operating in increasingly harsh and demanding maritime environments as they perform a range of missions, including surveillance, search and rescue, mine search and destroy, anti-submarine warfare, and anti-surface warfare.

    For over two decades, CAE has designed and manufactured some of the most sophisticated training and simulation solutions for the world’s most advanced maritime patrol aircraft. Today, as our customers look to increase and extend their use of simulation-based training to contend with tightening budgets and operational demands, CAE is playing a key role in preparing flight and rear crews to effectively operate and employ these state-of-the-art maritime aircraft, which include fixed-wing aircraft such as the P-8A Poseidon, P-3C Orion, C-295/CN-235 aircraft, as well as helicopters such as the AW101, NH90, and MH-60R/S.  In addition, militaries are using a range of other platforms for special missions and maritime patrol that require advanced training and simulation solutions.

    Using the world’s most advanced simulation technology; CAE can help ensure the mission readiness of flight and rear crews by providing fully integrated training and mission rehearsal solutions.

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