• Sustainment Logistics

  • Sustainment Logistics/Integrated Logistics Support (ILS)


  • Fleet management today is increasingly challenging. Aging fleets, budget constraints, and rising operation and maintenance (O&M) costs may represent your organization's only constants. Fleet managers can benefit significantly from accurate performance data, operations and maintenance (O&M) scenario simulation, trending, and other specialized lifecycle management tools and services aimed at ensuring your support resources are optimized efficiently and effectively. 

    CAE is a world leader in lifecycle management, in-service equipment monitoring and maintenance optimization. Using field data and cutting-edge technology, we monitor fleets and support network performance. Our team excels at identifying, validating, and analyzing the impacts of performance metric variations on fleet operations, logistics networks, and resources before adverse effects are experienced. These services include trigger-based maintenance trend monitoring, key performance indicators (KPI's), sparing analysis and preventive maintenance analysis and optimization.

    CAE provides analysis and modelling capabilities with innovative, flexible, competent, and dedicated workforce. Fleet managers are empowered with up-to-date information and can be confident in the decisions they make to ensure long-term cost-effective support solutions.

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