• Modelling, Simulation and Visualization

  • All organizations involved in analysis, design, and experimentation benefit from the application of modelling and simulation (M&S) to their business processes. CAE is a world leader in planning, developing, and implementing modelling and simulation strategies, tools, and processes to a wide range of application areas, including the design and validation of project requirements, new system concepts, capability configurations, and operational mission strategies.

  • Analysis, Design and Experimentation

    CAE provides user-centred, simulation-based analysis support to capability and operational planning, the acquisition cycle, systems engineering programs, and design and development teams. The analysis that we conduct follows documented methodologies that engage the full range of stakeholders..

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  • M&S Suite

    Presagis’ M&S Suite is an integrated suite of modelling and simulation software tools that combines 3D modelling, simulation, terrain generation, and visualization capabilities provided by CAE and Presagis, which is a subsidiary of CAE offering commercial-off-the-shelf modelling and simulation software...

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  • Geospatial services

    The modelling and simulation industry has historically struggled with building multiple terrain formats for multiple simulation systems using multiple terrain generation toolkits. The need to build multiple terrain formats for each simulation system increases the cost of terrain format generation...

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