• Training System Design & Delivery

  • CAE takes an holistic approach to training system design and delivery, starting with understanding its customers’ needs to develop innovative training programs that offer turnkey integrated training solutions. As a training systems integrator, CAE offers a  broad range of services encompassing design, development, and delivery.  CAE will manage your entire training program while remaining up-to-date with the evolution of aircraft and weapon systems technology throughout the contract period.

  • Training Needs Analysis

    Uncovering a complete set of training needs is a crucial first step in a successful training project. Using the latest methodologies and working in collaboration with our customers, CAE will conduct an extensive assessment of all training-related materials to identify the gap between the level of skills and knowledge required...

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  • Training Delivery and Validation

    Complex organizations require dynamic training solutions to meet their unique learning requirements. CAE offers an array of training delivery options, from classroom and e-Learning to mobile and performance support.  We can provide our customers with a multi-faceted training ecosystem solution...

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  • Content Development and Support

    CAE is experienced at designing, developing, implementing, and supporting highly effective academic courseware, including simulation-based e-Learning programs. We employ a dedicated content development team specializing in instructional system design, complex media development, scenario-based practical...

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  • Consulting

    CAE provides consulting services to help customers design systems by integrating human factors (HF) and ergonomics into the systems engineering process to ensure optimal human-system interaction. CAE also supports the planning and acquisition efforts of capability acquisition through the capability engineering system...

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