• First Responder Deployment

  • First Responder Deployment

  • CAE Deploy is a next-generation decision support tool for intelligent deployment of first responder operations. It integrates the latest in intelligent resource management, traffic prediction, and visualization tools to enable communications personnel to more effectively deploy their resources. Using sophisticated optimization and prediction models, CAE Deploy anticipates response times, monitors team workloads and break periods, and enhances regional coverage for improved service to the community and improved first responder job satisfaction.


    • Improved overall response times through better deployment.
    • Improved consistency in deployment strategies.
    • Ability to visualize operations in real-time.
    • Integrated resource management tool.
    • Workload optimization for both the communications officer and first responder.
    • Improved personnel management by optimizing meal and break periods, end-of-shift deployments, workload and overall drive times.
    • Management reporting and tracking for analysis.

    Generates deployment recommendations. CAE Deploy uses intelligent predictive models and scheduling engines to generate optimized deployment recommendations, make sure coverage objectives are met and ensure personnel management issues are considered, all with the objective of improving community response standards.

    Real-time resource management. This resource management feature allows operators to maintain situational awareness not only on location status, but the personnel management issues of shift scheduling, meal and break periods, drive times, and incident responses.

    Coverage model. Unit deployment recommendations are made based on calculated gaps in coverage, using historical call patterns and response time standards determined by the client's organizational goals and processes.

    Easy-to-use graphical interface. CAE Deploy's user interface has been designed by human factors professionals to organize the information needed by the communications officer and display it in a readily available format for improved rapid decision making and enhanced situational awareness of all units and incidents.

    Reporting and tracking feature. CAE Deploy provides timely reporting and tracking for managers to evaluate resource management and deployment strategies and identify areas for improvement in terms of strategy, new resources, training, and acquisitions.

    Integrates with existing operations systems. CAE Deploy can be integrated with existing operational systems to provide real-time unit positioning and incident status data. The system facilitates data sharing between systems to enhance the situational awareness of the user, thus improving the decision making process.

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