• Command and Staff Training Systems

  • Modern operations require commanders and their staff more than ever to analyze complex data that is received from different sources, with different precision, and different validity, and to make decisions based on this data faster than ever.  Commanders must also make quick decisions while taking into account social, economic, infrastructure and environmental impacts. Joint, multi-national and multi-agency operations require commanders and their staff, down to the single soldier, to work collaboratively in continuously changing environments.

    At CAE, our entire focus is on creating simulation-based solutions that prepare commanders and their staff for mission readiness, allowing them to train in a realistic environment, utilizing their original equipment such as tactical maps, radio communication and command and control systems (C2IS, C4ISR).

    CAE GESI, CAE GESI™-SiTA and Globalsim are three tools that provide unique capabilities for commanders and their staff when facing today's wide spectrum of global operations.  Whether preparing for traditional combat readiness, operations other than war (OOTW), peacekeeping and humanitarian assistance, civil and military cooperation (CIMIC), military operations in urban terrain (MOUT), or joint and multinational operations, military leaders are trained in procedures, processes and decision-making to help ensure mission readiness.


    CAE's GESI (GEfechts-SImulation System, the German word for combat simulation system) is a constructive simulation system designed to run complex and comprehensive joint and combined exercises at both tactical and operational levels.

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  • CAE GESI-SITA Classroom Trainer

    CAE GESI is a high resolution simulation system that allows resolution down to single entities. Up to 32,000 entities such as weapons, vehicles, aircraft and more are available in an exercise. By evolving the CAE GESI constructive simulation system, CAE has created an advanced simulation tool ...

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  • Globalsim

    Military commanders and their staff need to be prepared to operate in complex, mission-critical environments and make quick, informed decisions based on the information they have available. A constructive simulation environment is ideal for the planning, testing and training...

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