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  • Military commanders and their staff need to be prepared to operate in complex, mission-critical environments and make quick, informed decisions based on the information they have available. A constructive simulation environment is ideal for the planning, testing and training of critical decision-making where commanders and their staff can operate in a safe and controlled simulated scenario just as they would in a real-world operational situation.

    CAE and ROLANDS & ASSOCIATES (R&A) have collaborated to develop a new, federated constructive simulation solution called GlobalSim. The GlobalSim solution combines CAE's GESI command and staff training system with R&A's Joint Theater-Level Simulation (JTLS). The combination of the two constructive simulation solutions brings together a theater-level constructive simulation (JTLS) with a high-resolution, entity-level constructive simulation (GESI) to create a comprehensive federation that offers command leadership a single, realistic, multi-resolution view of the complete operational environment.

    Federating CAE GESI and JTLS allows supporting multi-level exercises thus enabling a user-selectable resolution of the simulated forces. By using this federation to represent the real world in multiple levels of detail both an effective simulation of theatre/operational-level elements (such as maritime and air operations) as well as operational/tactical elements (such as urban operations, small-unit operations) can be achieved. In addition, using this federation provides the possibility to use the very detailed tactical ground model of GESI, but still maintain the theater level representation of JTLS for the remainder of the joint environment, including air and naval.


    The Joint Theater Level Simulation (JTLS) is an interactive, internet-enabled simulation that models multi-sided air, ground, and naval civil-military operations with logistical, Special Operation Force (SOF), and intelligence support. Today, JTLS is frequently used as a training support model that is theater-independent and does not require knowledge of programming to operate effectively.

    The primary focus of the JTLS system is conventional joint and combined operations at the Operational Level of War as defined by the Joint Staff's Universal Joint Task List. JTLS explicitly models air, land, sea, amphibious, and SOF operations. The simulation supports limited nuclear and chemical effects, low-intensity conflict, pre-conflict operations, as well as support of Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HA/DR) operations."(http://www.rolands.com/jtls/j_over.php)

    JTLS is used in 25 countries, including NATO.  It has been used to support key Joint and Coalition exercise like:


    CAE GESI is a constructive simulation system designed to run complex and comprehensive exercises of land based operations - including the use of air force and of naval support - from company up to division level. Using the GESI system, commanders and their staff conduct normal training exercises in regular command posts using original equipment. Like in reality, they communicate with their subordinate commanders using regular radio equipment or C2 information systems. However, in a GESI training system, these subordinate commanders (LoCons) are not located in the field, but instead in the simulation building at the GESI workstations. The CAE GESI system represents the mission area, including own and perceived enemy forces, terrain, weather, logistics and the results of any actions (reconnaissance, engagements, casualties, information) using graphics (simulation), video/audio support and text boxes. All this information is presented in real-time. The LoCons report the perceived situation to the trainees in the command post through radio or C2 equipment.

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