• Common Database/Dynamic Synthetic Environment 

  • Realistic simulation environments are critical for training, analysis, and mission rehearsal. CAE’s suite of visualization solutions offers the flexibility to rapidly develop high-fidelity environments using the Common Database (CDB) framework and the enhanced Dynamic Synthetic Environments (DSE) framework ensuring a single source for all databases.

  • Common Database (CDB)

    Governments and defence forces are increasingly looking to high performance synthetic environments to accomplish more of their training, mission rehearsal and decision support requirements. Training devices such as CAE GESI and CAE INFRONT training systems have traditionally required a variety of different and unique databases to ...

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  • CAE Dynamic Synthetic Environment (DSE)

    In today’s climate of reduced defence spending, militaries are turning to cost-effective alternatives such as the use of simulation and synthetic environments to prepare their personnel for analysis, training and mission rehearsal, and operational decision-making.

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