• Visualization Systems

  • With decades of experience in visual technology, CAE’s highly realistic, immersive visualization systems offer land customers an advanced training environment.  Recognized as a benchmark within our industry, CAE’s visualization systems support the most challenging military training requirements where visual fidelity can be vital for mission success

  • CAE MedallionTM-6000XR Image Generator

    Directly controlled by the simulator host, CAE's image generators, such as the CAE Medallion™-6000XR, process the synthetic environments and drive the display system to ensure fully-correlated visual, motion, radar, instrument and real-time responses to every trainee action or ...

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  • Sensor Simulation

    Using specially designed sensor post processor modules within its CAE Medallion™-6000 image generator, CAE offers unparalleled fidelity in sensor simulation. Large area synthetic environments are fully correlated to the out-the-window view...

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  • Display Systems

    CAE has experience in building, designing and integrating every type of simulation display system on the market. This expertise in high-resolution display systems continues to push technological innovation to the limit. By using a combination of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) equipment and years of experience, CAE display systems achieve ...

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  • Synthetic Environments

    Realistic, fully photo textured, 3D synthetic environments are at the heart of every visual system by providing the visual cues required to accomplish practical training tasks. CAE's synthetic environments are generated from extensive data...

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