• Team/Crew Training Systems 

  • CAE has extensive experience providing simulation-based training solutions for command, control and communications; forward observation; air defence; armoured vehicle drivers and gunners; and command and staff training. These training systems have been helping prepare ground forces and their commanders to accomplish a range of missions on today's battlefield.  In almost all of these missions, ground forces must operate as a coordinated team; therefore, training systems must be developed for not only individual training, but also team and collective training.

    CAE's offering within its training system portfolio includes a wide range of part task training systems for team and crew members in support of both individual and collective training environments.
  • Air Defence Tactical Training Systems

    CAE provides a comprehensive range of ground-based air defence (GBAD) trainers and simulators to armed forces worldwide. These trainers also benefit from CAE's global experience and capabilities in networking training systems...

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  • Tank/AFV Direct Fire Trainers

    CAE designs, manufactures, and supports a wide range of simulators to meet all direct fire training needs for armoured fighting vehicles (AFV), including main battle tanks (MBT)...

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  • Target Recognition Trainer

    CAE's target recognition trainer is a part-task trainer designed to train troops in vehicle, aircraft and unmanned aerial system (UAS) recognition and identification skills. The target recognition trainer is ideal for self-paced training, or instructor-led group training...

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  • Indirect Fire Trainers

    CAE has an extensive track record of successfully delivering high quality, complex training systems to armies around the world. CAE is an industry leading expert in the provision of indirect fire trainers for artillery and mortar fire control...

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    CAE can provide varying levels of training simulators in support of AFV battlefield tactics and procedures. In essence, CAE's Tactics and Procedures Trainer comprises a series of reconfigurable classroom desktop-type ...

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