• Air Defence Tactical Training Systems

  • Air Defence Tactical Training Systems

  • CAE provides a comprehensive range of ground-based air defence (GBAD) trainers and simulators to armed forces worldwide. These trainers also benefit from CAE's global experience and capabilities in networking training systems so that collective, interoperable training can be conducted. 

    The air defence trainer range extends from full dome tactical engagement simulators networked with higher echelons such as operations centres through to part-task and desktop-type training. CAE also provides appended training systems that are capable of being deployed with operational systems.

    Ground-based air defence (GBAD) trainers can support a variety of weapon systems and sensors, including:

    • Air Defence Cannon;
    • Infrared Surface to Air Missile (IRSAM);
    • Beam Riding Missiles;
    • Battlefield Radars (surveillance and tracking);
    • Electo-Optic/Thermal sensors;
    • Electronic Counter Measure/Electro-Optic Counter Measure/Electronic Counter Counter Measure.

    The training capabilities for weapon systems deployed within the trainer typically provide:

    • Weapons handling skills;
    • Surveillance and target acquisition;
    • Target identification;
    • Threat assessment and tactical decision making;
    • Target selection and rules of engagement;
    • Target tracking;
    • Target engagement;
    • Re-engagement;
    • Reversionary modes of operation;
    • Electronic Counter Measure/Electro-Optic Counter Measure/Electronic Counter Counter Measure.

    Depending on training objectives and requirements, various types of air defence trainers are available:

    • Dome Trainers - Full engagement simulators incorporating a high-end visual displayed on a large hemispherical screen that permits full detachment training in an immersive environment;
    • Weapon Operator Trainers - Part-task trainers providing skills training, including weapon drills and engagement sequences;
    • Classroom trainers;
    • Desktop trainers.