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  • Geospatial services

  • The modelling and simulation industry has historically struggled with building multiple terrain formats for multiple simulation systems using multiple terrain generation toolkits. The need to build multiple terrain formats for each simulation system increases the cost of terrain format generation and delays the delivery of terrain formats to end users who require the data. CAE developed the Cloud Terrain Generation and Visualization System (C-TGS) to significantly reduce the cost and delivery time of terrain formats to the end customer.

    The C-TGS solves the historical challenge of multiple terrain formats by leveraging an Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Best Practice called the Common Database (CDB), which is an open and standard database architecture that defines a single synthetic representation of the world. The CDB allows for an underlying geospatial data repository, distributes terrain data by employing OGC Web Services, and moves the terrain database generation and updating to the point of need. Using the C-TGS enables the end-user to view, edit, and build terrain formats from the convenience of a modern web browser or mobile device. 

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