• M & S Suite

  • M & S Suite

  • Presagis’ M&S Suite is an integrated suite of modelling and simulation software tools that combines 3D modelling, simulation, terrain generation, and visualization capabilities provided by CAE and Presagis, which is a subsidiary of CAE offering commercial-off-the-shelf modelling and simulation software. The tool suite is designed to help speed up the development of applications and reduce the time and the cost of integration. This is a complete end-to-end modelling and simulation solution to achieve greater realism and performance in an integrated and easy to use development environment.


    Presagis is an independent, wholly-owned subsidiary of CAE and brings together the industry's leading modelling, simulation, visualization, and embedded display applications.

    Presagis serves more than 1,000 customers in over 60 countries worldwide through development and delivery of its integrated portfolio of software tools including: Creator, Terra Vista, STAGE, FlightSIM, HeliSIM, Vega Prime, Sensor Products, and VAPS XT.

    For more information on Presagis and its solutions, please visit www.presagis.com