• Maintenance and Support Services

  • Maintenance and Support Services

  • Today's military forces are under constant pressure to reduce operating costs, improve performance, and above all, maintain a high state of readiness. With limited financial and human resources, meeting these challenges is increasingly difficult. Over the past two decades, there has been a growing trend in the military community to outsource a variety of services, including maintenance and support services.

    CAE is uniquely qualified to handle all maintenance and support service needs. As a long-time partner with armies worldwide, CAE’s wealth of experience, focus on customer needs, and proven capability providing maintenance and support services can help play a key role in mission readiness.

    CAE's comprehensive maintenance and support services help ensure our customers training systems are available and maintain concurrency with the platforms they have deployed. CAE's sustainment provisioning concepts stress dedication to our customers; standardized practices and procedures; uncompromising configuration controls; a disciplined quality assurance (QA)/control program and access to qualified personnel in just about every skill and discipline related to simulator maintenance, including visual systems, motion systems, and systems integration.

    A cornerstone of the CAE maintenance and support services program is the interrelationship between each site and CAE's corporate management team. CAE's on-site personnel are supported by a corporate team dedicated to assisting in meeting maintenance and availability requirements.

    CAE will provide customers with a structured maintenance program. As part of ongoing process improvement, CAE can propose recommendations for improvements to procedures for enhancing the quality of the services, and improve the reliability and availability of training equipment.