• Crew Training Systems

  • CAE partners with naval customers to address specific requirements to fully integrate legacy or planned third-party training systems, simulators and courseware. As a training systems integrator, CAE has existing industry partners around the world and we welcome the role of integrating third-party solutions required to deliver a holistic naval training system. For example, we can integrate CAE’s simulation software to third party training systems to leverage a common synthetic environment and infrastructure, which translates to cost savings and increased efficiency for our customers. CAE’s proven training system integration capabilities will help ensure your crews are well-trained and mission ready.


  • Decision Support Trainers

    CAE offers solutions for realistic naval operation training and rehearsal for commanders in simulated combat situations at sea. Networked computers are used to simulate various entities like ships, submarines, aircraft , and offshore-based sites.

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  • Task Trainers

    Task trainers include the combat information centre, operations room and tactical mission trainers to support the initial, continuation and refresher training of your crews. Ship control systems model various ship subsystems, vessel traffic management systems provide ...

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