• Decision Support Trainers

  • CAE offers solutions for realistic naval operation training and rehearsal for commanders in simulated combat situations at sea. Networked computers are used to simulate various entities like ships, submarines, aircraft , and offshore-based sites. A game controller defines the gaming area and scenario. Then command teams are trained on the application of tactical doctrine and effective communication.

  • Action speed tactical trainer (ASTT)

    CAE's action speed tactical trainer (ASTT) is a comprehensive simulation-based system that facilitates the conduct of realistic naval operations training. The ASTT comprises a network of computers used as player workstations, and game control stations.

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  • Tactical mission trainer (TMT)

    The CAE naval tactical mission trainer (TMT) creates a realistic synthetic mission environment that simulates all aspects of a military naval or maritime patrol aircraft platform in the operational environment.

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  • Naval warfare training system (NWTS)

    The naval warfare training system (NWTS) is a comprehensive, simulation-based system that includes simulation software, hardware, wargaming consoles, and instructor operator stations used to train and educate sailors and officers in naval tactics, procedures ...

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