• Task Trainers

  • Task trainers include the combat information centre, operations room and tactical mission trainers to support the initial, continuation and refresher training of your crews. Ship control systems model various ship subsystems, vessel traffic management systems provide monitoring and navigation advice, system analysis software can simulate ASW scenarios and evaluate torpedo attacks, and nuclear submarine combat information centres simulate the control portion of the combat information centres (CIC). Simulators can be networked creating a team environment to train coordination and tactical skills, and improve decision-making and planning.

  • Combat Information Centre (CIC)/Operations Room

    CAE provides a fully reconfigurable combat information centre (CIC), also referred to as an Operations Room, simulation solution that can be designed specifically for ...

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  • Tactical Mission Trainer

    The CAE naval tactical mission trainer (TMT) is a flexible, reconfigurable system that creates a realistic synthetic mission environment to simulate all aspects of a naval or maritime patrol aircraft platform in the operational environment.

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