• Immersive Environments

  • CAE’s immersive synthetic environments are part of an integrated naval training solution ensuring the training experience is realistic, interactive, and real-time in order to emulate real life tactical and operational environments. Naval personnel are able to train individually, as a mission crew, or as a virtual battle group using cost-effective simulation-based solutions.

  • Visualization Systems

    CAE offers a wide range of visual solutions delivering state-of-the-art-training that help ensure mission readiness for defence forces around the globe. CAE visual systems are recognized as the benchmark for the most demanding military training...

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  • Modelling and Simulation Tools

    Presagis’ M&S Suite is an integrated suite of modelling and simulation software tools that combines 3D modeling, simulation, terrain generation, and visualization capabilities provided by CAE and Presagis, which is a subsidiary of CAE...

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  • Common database/Dynamic Synthetic Environment

    Realistic simulation environments are critical for training, analysis, and mission rehearsal. CAE’s suite of visualization solutions offers the flexibility to rapidly develop high-fidelity environments using the Common Database ...

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