• Realistic simulation environments are critical for training, analysis, and mission rehearsal. CAE’s suite of visualization solutions offers the flexibility to rapidly develop high-fidelity environments using the Common Database (CDB) architecture and the enhanced dynamic synthetic environment (DSE) framework ensuring a single source for all systems.

    Other synthetic environments can be layered on to provide a networked infrastructure to connect other components such as sensors, weather, and computer generated forces and more, thus creating high fidelity dynamic virtual environments.


  • Common Database (CDB)

    The common database (CDB) is designed to significantly reduce the time it takes to generate a fully correlated database and operate it within a range of training and mission rehearsal systems. Correlation of multiple databases...

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  • CAE Dynamic Synthetic Environment

    CAE’s dynamic synthetic environment (DSE) is a realistic simulation of the real world and can therefore improve training, mission planning and rehearsal, and operational decision-making. Because the solution is based on the common database (CDB), ...

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