• Common Database (CDB)

  • Common Database (CDB)

  • CAE's common database (CDB) is designed to significantly reduce the time it takes to generate a fully correlated database and operate it within a range of training and mission rehearsal systems. Correlation of multiple databases in varying formats has been one of the major obstacles facing defence forces wanting to train and rehearse missions using simulation.

    The CDB architecture effectively allows all the systems in the virtual environment, or “clients,” to access the same data from a common database source in real-time. Clients can include the image generator that renders the synthetic environment, as well as all the other systems used to enhance mission realism in the synthetic environment – the sensors, the computer-generated forces, and the communications systems.

    By providing correlated data to all the layers applied to a virtual world, the CDB eliminates the need to manage multiple databases, and provides reduced costs and increased efficiency.

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