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  • CAE Dynamic Synthetic Environment

  • CAE’s dynamic synthetic environment (DSE) is a realistic simulation of the real world and can therefore improve training, mission planning and rehearsal, and operational decision-making. Because the solution is based on the common database (CDB), the issues of database correlation and interoperability are eliminated, thus saving time and engineering effort. The content in the synthetic environment can be shared across all domains – air, land, sea, or in joint training scenarios. Traditionally, synthetic environment databases have been built around a single training device for a specific domain, for example, a flight simulator. Today’s mission and training requirements is calling for increased use of simulation for training crews along with decision-makers in command centres, and provide the capability to perform joint and coalition training.


    CAE’s dynamic synthetic environment solution provides a training environment that is dynamic and persistent, and is not constrained to any one domain. This means the dynamic synthetic environment can be used to facilitate networking and interoperability, as well as the re-use of data and content across all domains. Simulations of a given effect in the environment, for example snow or oil platforms at sea, have traditionally been simulated within the client device such as visual image generator or computer generated forces. This closed representation does not easily allow sharing information with other client devices or between simulators. Having a centralized database ensures that changes are common in all training devices and allows customers to save costs by re-using the environment in multiple training systems.


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