• Systems Engineering and Integration

  • CAE’s team of experts have the knowledge and skills required to deliver training and in-service support services to naval forces around the world. As a training systems integrator, CAE’s offering includes professional and support services such as project management, training and courseware development, integrated learning management systems, systems engineering and integration, human factors, in-service support, and training systems sustainment.

  • Systems Engineering

    CAE leverages its systems engineering capabilities to develop, modify and support systems to help our defence customers ensure the optimal performance of their fleet. CAE's proven expertise includes the following ...

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  • Consulting

    CAE provides consulting services to manufacturers of systems to help them design systems by integrating human factors (HF) and ergonomics into the systems engineering process to ensure optimal human-system interaction for naval customers.

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  • Systems integration

    CAE has the expertise to develop, integrate, maintain and operate complex systems in support of our naval customers, with a focus on providing improved operational efficiency in the operation of mission critical systems.

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  • Modelling, simulation and visualization

    CAE provides user-centred, simulation-based support services for conducting analysis, design, experimentation, and lifecycle management at both the system and capability levels. Our team's unique approach integrates the ...

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