• Consulting

  • CAE provides consulting services to manufacturers of systems to help them design systems by integrating human factors (HF) and ergonomics into the systems engineering process to ensure optimal human-system interaction for naval customers. CAE also supports the planning and acquisition efforts of capability acquisition through the capability engineering system. Under the consulting portfolio, CAE offers services for managing your projects from planning to delivery.

  • Capability Engineering

    CAE is a leader in the advancement of Capability Engineering as an evolving discipline that brings together and applies our team's skill sets in the fields of system engineering, human system integration (HSI), and modelling and simulation to conduct user-centred...

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  • Program Management

    CAE offers a full range of project and program management services to help clients manage projects and improve their project management capabilities. Our project management team of PMP-certified professionals differentiates itself...

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  • Human Factors

    A significant challenge of technology development is how well humans will learn, use, and exploit the system. Human capabilities, limitations, skills and needs are considered in all phases of CAE’s design and development lifecycle.

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