• Decision Support Solutions

  • Training and preparedness are essential for first response decision-makers to make well-informed decisions so that first response teams can take timely and appropriate actions in a coordinated effort. With traditional exercise-based training methods, risks are high and it is almost impossible to re-create the scene of a major casualty event. CAE's simulation solutions can help your teams be more prepared, but can also perform what-if scenarios and threat analysis during an actual event. By using simulation, our customers can weigh the potential outcome of a decision. CAE can help your organization plan and mitigate, prepare, respond and recover quickly from major events using simulation-based training and decision-support solutions. CAE's solutions enable participants to experience first-hand the planning, preparation and coordinated execution of an emergency response within an affordable, low-risk, low consequence virtual environment.

    While CAE's solutions can help your crews plan and prepare for casualty events through the use of our synthetic environments, other solutions such as Avisio are designed to support the response and recovery of an actual crisis or emergency event. CAE Deploy and the information request manager software tools are both operational support tools for the deployment of resources and information gathering and sharing.

  • Avisio – 2D and 3D solution

    CAE Avisio is a visualization solution for emergency management planners, analysts and decision-makers to make the best informed decisions and assessments in crisis and planning situations.

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  • Information Request Manager

    CAE’s Information Request Manager (IRM) solution automates the flow of information by linking those who need information with those who have it for public safety and emergency management organizations.

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  • CAE Deploy

    CAE Deploy is a next-generation decision support tool for intelligent deployment of first responder operations. CAE Deploy integrates the latest in intelligent resource management, traffic prediction, and visualization ...

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