• CAE Deploy

  • CAE Deploy

  • CAE Deploy is a next-generation decision support tool for intelligent deployment of first responder operations. CAE Deploy integrates the latest in intelligent resource management, traffic prediction, and visualization tools to enable communications personnel to more effectively deploy their resources. Using sophisticated optimization and prediction models, CAE Deploy anticipates response times, monitors team workloads and schedules break periods, and enhances regional coverage for improved services to the community and improved first responder job satisfaction.


    • Improved overall response times through better deployment;
    • Improved consistency in deployment strategies;
    • Ability to visualize operations in real-time;
    • Integrated resource management tool;
    • Workload optimization for both communication officers and first responders;
    • Improved personnel management by optimizing meal and break periods, end-of-shift deployments, workload and overall drive times; and
    • Management reporting and tracking for analysis.

    Program Example:

    Through its partnership with the Ottawa Paramedic Service, the CAE Deploy development team engaged communications personnel and paramedic response teams to participate in focus groups and user trials throughout the development process. The result is a deployment tool that not only improves the deployment process and reduces response time, but also addresses the operational concerns of first responders. Using sophisticated optimization algorithms, CAE Deploy anticipates deployment and response times, monitors team workloads, tracks meal periods, arranges resources at the start and end of a shift and enhances coverage. The Ottawa Paramedic Service will now be implementing CAE Deploy which will help communications officers to more effectively deploy resources resulting in improved paramedic services to the community.  

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