• Integrated Solutions

  • CAE's integrated solutions offer virtual and operational environments that provide a holistic approach to answering the training requirements of our public safety and emergency management customers.  These environments promote collaboration between learners to ensure training objectives are met.  It also supports the requirement for operational readiness of live equipment and management of first response teams to enhance safety, efficiency, readiness and help save lives.


  • CAE Integrated Emergency Management System (IEMS)

    CAE is leveraging its expertise in modelling and simulation to offer leading-edge solutions to support the first responder and emergency management communities ....

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  • Integrated Learning Environment (ILE)

    The CAE Integrated Learning Environment (ILE) enables individual, team and force-scale centric strategic training, supporting the full range of classroom, e-learning and simulation-based learning models. The ILE ensures ...

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  • Integrated Information Environment (IIE)

    The CAE Integrated Information Environment (IIE) solution is designed to ensure equipment is mission ready and can rapidly be deployed to any diverse theatre of operations.

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