• Training Systems

  • CAE designs and delivers leading-edge training systems to train public safety, emergency management and healthcare professionals. CAE also partners with public safety customers to address specific requirements to fully integrate legacy or planned third-party training systems, simulators and courseware. As a training systems integrator, CAE has existing industry partners around the world and we have proven experience integrating third-party solutions required to deliver a holistic training system. For example, we can integrate CAE's immersive courseware with a customer's student record software, which translates to cost savings and increased efficiency for our customers. CAE's proven training system integration capabilities will help ensure your teams are well-trained and ready to help save lives.

  • Aeromedical Evacuation Training System

    Military aeromedical evacuation crews, search and rescue teams, air ambulance crews and air first responders such as coast guards need to be prepared to handle a range of ...

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  • CAE Virtual Paramedic

    First responder paramedics called to the scene of a mass casualty need to be ready to respond rapidly and make informed decisions. The prognosis of a patient can be significantly improved when emergency medical decisions ...

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  • CAE Emmersion

    CAE Emmersion is based on the CAE GESI constructive simulation system used extensively by armies for command and staff training. It provides an environment for emergency managers to plan, test, and train their response strategies ...

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  • Modelling and Simulation Tools

    Presagis’ M&S Suite is an integrated suite of modelling and simulation software tools that combines 3D modeling, simulation, terrain generation, and visualization capabilities provided by CAE and Presagis, which is a subsidiary ...

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