• Emergency Management Training Centres

  • CAE leverages its expertise and experience in training centre operations for defence and civil aviation, where more than 120,000 crewmembers are trained yearly, and applies it to the emergency management sector. CAE can design, operate and maintain ultra-modern emergency management training centres, fully-equipped with state-of-the-art training systems built by us and our partners. Governments and emergency management organizations around the world recognize that preparedness is the key to effectively and efficiently respond to emergency situations and disasters.  

    CAE can provide turnkey training solutions in one or multiple integrated training centres where first response teams can master the skills needed to intervene at the scene of an accident or practice the coordinated efforts required when operating with other services such as militaries, fire departments and paramedics.

    CAE partners with emergency management customers to plan, deliver and operate turnkey training solutions. Our experience and capabilities include:

    • Training centre design;
    • Training and media needs analysis;
    • Instructional design;
    • Training curriculum and courseware;
    • High-fidelity simulators and task trainers;
    • Classroom, simulator, and live instruction;
    • Hiring, staffing and faculty training;
    • Integrated centre management solutions;
    • Audiovisual recording for debrief;
    • Human factors consultancy;
    • Centre operations and logistics;
    • Technology integration; and
    • Flexible financing options.
  • CAE Brunei Multi-Purpose Training Centre (MPTC)

    The CAE Brunei Multi-Purpose Training Centre in Brunei Darussalam was established in 2012 as a joint venture between CAE and the Government of Brunei.

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