• TürkmenSim International Simulation Center in...

  • TürkmenSim International Simulation Center in Turkmenistan

  • CAE Healthcare was selected to design and deliver a turnkey healthcare simulation training center in Turkmenistan to advance medical education in pre- and post-graduate medicine, nursing and paramedic education. The center will be built in cooperation with public entities and private contractors; it will be the first to offer multi-disciplinary medical simulation training in Turkmenistan.

    CAE will provide the full scope of our capabilities as a healthcare training partner of choice. Our comprehensive solution includes needs analysis, planning and design of the center, a full portfolio of simulation tools as well as clinical education to train faculty and full-time technicians on site.

    The sale includes CAE healthcare patient simulators, surgical and ultrasound simulators, a fully integrated audiovisual solutions system as well as training and technical support. CAE Healthcare is also providing non-CAE simulators, medical equipment, consumable supplies and furnishings. 

    The new educational center is being designed and built through an agreement with Gap Insaat and the Turkmenistan Ministry of Health, with CAE Healthcare acting as subcontractor of Gap Insaat for the Ilim Bilim Merkezi simulation center. The seven-story building will house a research center on three floors and the CAE Healthcare solution on four of the floors. The hands-on training center will include simulated emergency and intensive care rooms, operating rooms, standardized patient examination rooms, nursing laboratories, wet and dry laboratories for surgical education, a debriefing area and an ambulance bay.

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