• Modelling and Simulation Tools

  • Modelling and Simulation Tools

  • Presagis is a global provider of software for the development of modelling, simulation, visualization, and embedded display applications.

    Presagis was formed in 2007 following CAE's acquisition of three industry-leading companies: Engenuity Technologies, MultiGen-Paradigm, and TERREX. By integrating the powerful products created by these companies, Presagis is extending its knowledge base and is bringing innovative and integrated solutions to customers.   

    Presagis also acquired Seaweed Systems Inc. to continue to drive its leadership position in the embedded graphics solutions market for mission-critical display applications. Presagis now offers market leading human-machine interface (HMI) graphical modelling tools, drivers and devices that produce state-of-the-art graphics and highly optimized code for both PC and embedded systems.  

    Presagis is focused on building intimate relationships with its customers, the company provides integrated and comprehensive end-to-end solutions based on open standards, with a unique combination of commercial software tools, and professional development and advisory services.

    Presagis serves more than 1,000 customers in over 60 countries worldwide through development and delivery of its integrated portfolio of software tools including: CreatorTerra VistaSTAGE, FlightSIM, HeliSIMVega PrimeSensor Products, and VAPS XT.

    For more information on Presagis and its products, please visit www.presagis.com