• Systems Integration

  • CAE has the expertise to develop, integrate, maintain and operate complex systems in support of our public safety, emergency management and healthcare customers, with a focus on providing improved operational efficiency in the operation of mission critical systems.

    Human-systems integration (HSI) and human factors engineering (HFE)

    CAE's HSI and HFE capability are employed by public safety, emergency management and healthcare customers to support their research and analysis, design and build, test and evaluation, and in-service support requirements. CAE's HSI/HFE group has been providing all of these services for a variety of clients for over 15 years. CAE's HSI/HFE group bring a user focus to any large or small systems engineering effort and are able to integrate user requirements into a traditional engineering program in a way that is tangible, traceable, and testable. The HSI/HFE group is particularly skilled at developing user requirements for complex systems in challenging environments, working with engineers to create a solution that meets these requirements, and undertaking test and evaluation activities that demonstrate to all stakeholders the success of the solution.