• Systems Engineering

  • CAE leverages its systems engineering capabilities to develop, modify and support to help ensure the system's optimal performance of our customers from the public safety and security domain. 

    CAE's proven expertise includes the following areas:

    • Enterprise architecture;
    • Human systems integration;
    • Concept of operations development;
    • System integration such as datalink, communications, sensors, weapon and electronic warfare subsystems;
    • Software development, certification and support for combat management and mission critical systems;
    • Design and build of system integration and shore-based facilities;
    • Simulation and modeling for weapon performance improvements and evaluation;
    • Support to operations and exercises by providing at sea software updates.

    CAE's systems engineering team applies rigorous human systems integration methodologies to research and development (R&D), acquisition, capability management, and technology programs in the design of new systems and capabilities to optimize and enhance performance. CAE provides user-centered analysis, design, experimentation, and end-to-end solutions to address the growing challenge of how well humans can learn, use, and exploit technological advances.

    CAE performs engineering in accordance with MIL-STD-15288, ISO-9001, AS9100 and other quality standards, and is compliant with Technical Airworthiness standards. CAE is one of the only companies within Canada to have successfully attained and maintained its accreditation for CMMI level 5 since 2012. CAE utilizes standardize engineering case tools that employ modelling paradigms such as Systems Model Language (SysML) and Unified Modelling Languages (UML).

    In Canada, The « Société de protection des forêts contre le feu » of Québec (SOPFEU) contracted CAE to develop and install a "purpose-build" mission system for their fleet of Cessna called "CAE SkyDeploy" that provides the pilot with situational awareness, data and voice satellite-communication over the Iridium network, as well as mission assignment and reporting capability. CAE also provides SOPFEU with In-Service Support in the form of help-desk, training, software and logistical support.



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