• Instructional Design

  • CAE has all the requisite skills in developing effective and highly engaging training solutions for public safety, emergency management and healthcare customers. Our team uses a systematic and iterative instructional design process based on modern adult learning theories and principles that align learning strategies with the desired learning outcomes.

    The process begins with a thorough training needs analysis (TNA) and media analysis (MA) to clearly identify organizational training needs and assign appropriate training media to optimize the learning outcome. The result of the TNA/MA forms the input for the design and development of the training program. We employ the highest quality assurance system to ensure the delivery of an optimal training solution.

    CAE has proven experience with creating realistic learning experiences to maximize acquisition of knowledge and skills from self-paced and academic learning in the classroom through to simulation-based and live training. Through the analysis of the data collected from the training needs analysis, CAE has developed a systematic approach to designing training material that meets the training needs of the most sophisticated systems.