• CAE Simfinity™ 2D Trainers

  • CAE Simfinity 2D Trainers

  • CAE Simfinity two-dimensional (2D) desktop and laptop training devices allow aircrews and maintenance personnel to gain practical experience with airframe systems, engines and avionics, and weapon systems prior to training on high-end training devices such as a full-mission simulator. Pilots and maintenance technicians can train on their own or in the classroom by performing normal and abnormal cockpit procedures, enhanced by corresponding aircraft aural cues, while simultaneously observing the aircraft's system operations through computer-generated, full animations.

    The CAE Simfinity suite of 2D trainers includes the CAE Simfinity virtual simulator (VSIM) and CAE Simfinity virtual maintenance trainer (VMT). The virtual simulator is a graphical cockpit that runs the same high-fidelity simulation software that is used on CAE's full-mission simulators. The virtual maintenance trainer combines line-replaceable unit (LRU) and component location modules to provide a "virtual aircraft" for systems familiarization, maintenance procedural training, and troubleshooting.

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