• Forward Observation Trainers

  • Forward Observation Trainers

  • CAE INFRONT 3D is a field-proven, instructor-led, computer-based training system that provides initial and continuation training for forward observation officers (FOOs) and forward air controllers (FACs) in the delivery of artillery fire, mortar fire and close air support onto a variety of targets.

    The CAE INFRONT 3D training system is available as a classroom trainer or as a deployable system.

    The CAE INFRONT 3D classroom trainer features two high-performance CAE Medallion™-6000 image generators that create the visual training scenario in real time by merging the 3D visual database with 3D targets and weapons effects. An integrated sound system uses digitized ammunition and target sound effects to present student observers with realistic aural cues.

    The CAE INFRONT 3D deployable system is designed to be easily transported to where training is required and to be rapidly set-up and ready for use with minimal demands on facilities or infrastructure.

    CAE’s Warrior observation post vehicle (OPV) indirect fire crew trainers are in-service with the UK Ministry of Defence. Each of the five systems consist of the three containerized simulated warrior interiors and expandable containerized instructor and debrief facility containing three instructor operator system (IOS) consoles. The system is fully distributed interactive simulation (DIS) compatible for collective training. Vehicle mock-up consists of a high fidelity turret compartment and a full replica driver’s compartment with a realistic range of controls, gauges, and instruments. The rear compartment is used for communications and man portable surveillance and target acquisition radar (MSTAR).