• CAE Volume-Based Intelligence, Surveillance and...

  • CAE Volume-Based Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (VISR) System

  • CAE’s volume-based intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance (VISR) system is a platform-independent system that provides increased situational awareness by identifying surface-laid improvised explosive devices (IEDs) or suspicious activity through an automated real-time change detection software solution.

    CAE’s VISR system integrates advanced sensor technologies, such as light intensification detection and ranging (LIDAR), for object detection and ground mapping with enhanced sensor/synthetic displays to dramatically improve situation awareness and provide real-time intelligence gathering, information rendering and IED detection to convoy commanders.

    With its partners Neptec and Terrapoint, CAE leads a world-class team in providing C-IED solutions which will assist in the detection of IEDs or suspicious activities associated with them. Through its internal R&D activities and leveraging real time updates from the CAE-developed common database (CDB), CAE is adapting the VISR system to combine automatic target recognition algorithms and change detection algorithms on 3D sensor products to play an important role in the C-IED campaign.

    Once in service, CAE’s VISR system will take its place in the “attack the network” line of operation as defined by the Joint IED Defeat Organization (JIEDDO): “conducting offensive operations through improvements to intelligence collection, information operations, forensic exploitation and surveillance. These initiatives become long-term service programs of record that provide an enduring C-IED capability to the warfighter.”