• Exercise Management and Training

  • Integrated, realistic, measurable
    Perhaps the greatest challenge facing emergency management is the ability to effectively train for multi-agency collaboration. Through the CAE EM-Sim framework, CAE offers an integrated, simulation-based training environment to support multi-agency, multi-jurisdictional teams at both the first responder and incident command levels. Using interactive first-person environments integrated with command and control tools, CAE provides a realistic immersive environment to train integrated response teams.

    Simulation-based training environments
    To overcome the limitations of live training - cost, time, and limited scenario exposure - CAE has developed simulation environments to facilitate multi-agency training. The use of 2D and 3D virtual and constructive simulation environments immerses emergency personnel in the scenarios, giving them both command and frontline level situational awareness of the scenario and aiding them in operational decision making.

    Using the latest computer generated forces (CGF) modelling tools and hazard modelling algorithms, our team develops realistic scenarios to train emergency managers and to test their strategies. Scenarios include:

    • Natural disasters (floods, forest fires, earthquakes)
    • Man-made disasters (train derailments, chemical spills, wide-scale power outages)
    • Terrorist attacks (explosions, hostage takings, radiological events)

    After-action review and analysis
    CAE offers a fully integrated after-action review and analysis capability to analyze the effectiveness of strategies and training. In addition to playback features, CAE offers in-depth statistical analysis of team movements, communications, decision making, and exercise outcomes based on training objectives.

    Anytime, anywhere training
    One of the benefits of simulation-based exercises is that they are not limited to one location. They have an "anytime, anywhere" functionality that allows emergency personnel the freedom to participate in exercises from any location through an internet connection. Command centres and training rooms around the world can be linked to run distributed integrated exercises.

    Working with emergency management colleges and training centres
    CAE EM-Sim is being used to support emergency management colleges and training centres, offering an accredited training curriculum for emergency management professionals. Instructors provide a combination of lecture-based learning with simulation-based exercises to train emergency management professionals. Students engage in multi-agency response scenarios to build strategies, test their knowledge, and learn the teambuilding skills required for collaboration. Student strategies are evaluated using CAE EM-Sim's integrated after-exercise reporting tool which measures the strategy's effectiveness based on value-focused metrics such as casualty levels, response times, and communication efficiency.

    Program examples

    • Simulation lab development, George Brown College.
    • Municipal-provincial-federal interoperability framework, Justice Institute of British Columbia.
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