• Operational Decision Support

  • Visualize, decide, deploy
    In operations, commanders are faced with the challenge of consolidating and interpreting an immense amount of data to make decisions. Only through effective user interfaces and data fusion techniques can that critical information be properly used by command staff. CAE's Integrated Enterprise Solutions group is a leader in the development of user interfaces and the integration of multiple data systems to serve as a common operating environment and decision support system for command and operations centres.

    Building an integrated common operating picture
    CAE EM-Sim provides a suite of simulation tools and services to provide emergency management commanders and frontline responders with an integrated simulation-based common operating picture environment (COPE). As commercial geographic information system (GIS) databases become more readily available through web-based services, emergency managers need an overarching system that consolidates the data into a single interface, allowing them to plan and track responder activities, as well as train for a spectrum of plausible incidents and increase overall operational effectiveness.

    Embedded simulation in operational systems
    From the emergency operations centre (EOC), commanders are able to maintain situational awareness and monitor the activities of first responders within a GIS-based city-level simulation environment. When multiple command centres are engaged, the web-based functionality of this application allows commanders and first responders throughout the city, province, state, and country to interact and share the common operating picture - they see the same data and can make decisions with the same information.

    Real-time decision support
    CAE's Integrated Enterprise Solutions group works with clients to develop operational decision support tools to support command level decision making. Through an integration of simulation and intelligent reasoning engines, these tools support real-time emergency response. Our team works with industry partners and emergency management professionals to develop complex analysis tools enabling decision makers to analyze the immediate and longer term impact of critical decisions. When decisions on resource allocation mean lives, operational decision support technologies can help provide immediate insight into decisions before they are executed, therefore ensuring the decision meets its intent and organizational goals.

    Program examples

    • Municipal-provincial-federal interoperability framework.
    • Optimization tool for paramedic deployment.
    • Multi-agency situational awareness system
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